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Mia /USA
Karolina you are awesome Breeder. Thank you soo much for our sweetnes Baby. ?


Greetings to You all, It is I, Nobel and my two humble servants Radek and Aga. I would like to thank You Karolina for my new accommodations and especially for those two servants that give me fine food, scratch me and entertain me on my every request. Sometimes I even lead them on a walk around the neighbourhood. Though I must admit that I’m a little disappointed at the size of my bed, it barely can hold me, let alone my servants. I need to sleep in the vertical position so my servants can fit in. Best Regards, Yours Nobel

Aga i Radek

Magnificent /ITALY BARI
Grazie per la fiduccia Karolina Jahn per avermi affidato un cucciolo speciale

Lino De Gregorio

Over the Moon / USA LUIZJANA
I just love my little man such a Sweetheart oh I love him so much. He is Darling and every thing I ever wanted. Thank you so much Karolina !!!!

Cynthia Cash

Borysewicz /POLAND
Kocham mojego Borysewicza


Hi Karolina , Your boy is doing great! He has made friend with all my Abyssinians both kitten and adults. I LOVE HIM !!!


Dziękujemy za nasze piękne , kochane cudeńko. Ma Pani piękną hodowlę widać , że jest z zamiłowania .


I got a littel boy with a good service fromPrincipesssa . Good helth and Pretty . i really Love this boy . Now Feodor is a King of my cattery and his Kittens are beautiful from his good blood.Thank you Karolina for Feodor.


Solidna i dobra hodowla ze wspaniałymi Kotami . Polecam !!!


Stasiunia / Kraków Polska
Kochamy ją ogromnie Pani Karolino . Pozdrawiamy z całą Rodziną.


Frey / Italia
Ci sono pure io??


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