* We do not sell kittens for bulk breeding!

* We do not sell kittens, where animals are kept in cages!

* We do not sell cats without pedigree!

* We do not sell breeding cats for people who count only on earnings/profits.



* All of our kittens are given with the full guarantee of health.

* Leave us in excellent mental and physical health.

* Have a full documentation of vaccination.

* Parents of kittens are tested for (HCM, FeLV, FIV, PKdeficiency, parasites)

* All our kittens have FIFe pedigree/Supreme Cat Club

* Kittens not for breeding undergo a prior sterilization.

The kittens are ready for collection after completion of 3 months of age.

* Sign a purchase contract of sale


* When choosing a cat, we need a deposit or full amount/Kittens will not be reserved without a deposit.

* Deposits for Kitty are non-refundable! In case of changing your decision as a buyer, the advance will never be refunded.

* We reserve the right to refuse to sell the cat also those covered by the reservation. In this case, the deposit shall be immediately returned.

* Price of our kittens is very individual, it depends on the color and other important aspects that are taken into account when choosing a kitten.

* If you want to have priority in the choice of buying a kitten, write to us and we will put you on the waiting list.

* We ship Kittens all over the world by courier, cargo or your own collection on Polish grounds

                     DOMESTIC CAT : 900 - 1300 €

                       BREEDING CAT : 1700 - 2800 €

                       BREEDING BEST QUALITY / SPECTACULAR COAT : 2800- 4.000 €

           STUD SERVICE PRICE : 1000 €


We feed our cats dry food Royal Canin Kittens and Royal Canin Sensible and only raw meat - method of BARF. That is, poultry and beef and offal of poultry. Everything except the liver and pork! This is the healthiest and the most similar method of feeding, just like the cats feed themselves in the wild.


Please for the first days provide kitty lots of peace, warmth and love. Please provide him/her scratching posts, toys and food. Please secure all opened windows and balconies. You have to gift  a huge interest and care !!!!! Special concern is a very important stage in adaptation in a new place. By stress the cat may get sick for deadly disease.