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Welcome to our home Cattery place of pure-bred cats at Principessa Bengal and welcome in the fascinating world of the Bengal cat. We are a member of the Felinelogical Federation of Felis Polonia, a member of the largest Felinelogical Federation's in Europe - the International Fédération Internationale Féline FIFe

We specialize in brown and snow coated Bengal cats. Principessa Bengal is known for its first-class Master line focusing on very strict selection of Bengal cats from all over the world. We strive to breed exceptionally beautiful cats, friendly and most importantly in excellent condition mental and physical. We carefully select our cats and pair them in order to maintain the reading of the lines written in pedigrees so as to keep their unique magnetic wild look of a real tiger from the jungle.

Thanks to our efforts, our kittens are born extremely beautiful and with exceptional coats ofextreme type of a Bengal cat. We try to, above all, for our Bengals to be dreamlike, to have wild, clear coat rosettes, resembling a real small Leopard. Despite the charm of an external look, the most important for us is the health, happiness, and comfort (living conditions). All our cats are tested and inspected for infectious and genetic diseases i.e. HCM, PKD, PRA efficiency. Thanks to this our cats leave our home healthy and in proper physical condition as well as mental.

Our Bengals are staying with us at home and are brought up among us. Under no circumstancesdo we keep our animals in cages. We make sure that they are happy, loved and socialized, respectively. Our extraordinary friends fill our lives immensely they are surrounded by love and massive amounts of attention each day. We provide our teammates a lot of space, comfort and play area outside,in the fresh air.


The greatest joy and the greatest gift for us is, when we get the gratitude and satisfaction from our Bengals. Such moments are priceless for us. Bengali friends, purchasers of our kittens -We would like to take this opportunity and thank you for trusting us, we also thank you for all the photos sent to us, for your delightful words and kind gestures and for the great contact and meetings. We would also like to thank you for the opportunity to share your experiences and interesting tips, and sometimes longstanding friendships of “cat lovers” from all over the world. This is so delightful and very inspiring experience.